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Project «Forum Apartments»

Are you looking for a unique offer for the apartment in Lviv

Are you looking for a unique offer for the apartment in Lviv

which would satisfy your high demands on the quality, the location and other additional benefits? Then we build our residential complex FORUM APARTMENS just for You!


From the creators of Shopping Centre FORUM LVIV!

Our architects have created for You apartments that do not look like any others, but at the same time its layouts are designed so well that you can immediately evaluate the comfort and cosiness of Your new home. FORUM APARTMENTS is a house in the city centre with architecture, which absorbed the best world trends and is created by a team of architects that includes Architect of the shopping centre Forum Lviv and architect - interior designer with a recognized name in the world and long practice of work in USA and completed projects on all continents.


The entrance halls will have contemporary design and meeting / waiting area.

The address of residential complex is Lviv city, 26, Pid Dubom Street. There is developed infrastructure around which includes kindergartens, schools, hospitals and just across the road Shopping Centre Forum Lviv.

 In FORUM APARTMENTS will be used all the latest engineering solutions, including ventilated facades, energy saving technologies, water purification systems, systems of video-control and systems of restricted access, silent operation elevators from parking zone.

In addition, and this is one of our main advantages - You will receive the keys to the renovated apartment and equipped kitchen and bathroom, - and all that are included into the price of Your apartment! We use only high-quality materials on which you will receive Quality Certificates, so our renovation will serve you for years.

All the windows in the apartments will be panoramic, wooden with aluminum cover. Window Doleta ( as for today, in UKraine thses Lithuanian windows of the highest quality are instyalled only in private houses, it is exportet all over the world):


This solution will allow You not to worry and to avoid discomfort upon settlement into the building, because there will be quietness and cleanliness.

Also during the construction we (first on the West of Ukraine) use newest measures foraseismic and anti-vibration protection, also  we build ten floors of special functional terraces with width of 8 meters, which are fully protects from the external noise. These terraces serve as a protective screen, which is an integral part of the complex.

 Residential Complex Forum Apartments includes 4 buildings of different heights, each of which has its advantages and great views from the windows and loggias / balconies, commissioning will be simultaneously for all the buildings.

We proved that we build only siymbolic objects and Forum Apartments will be one of the best examples of housing.

You deserve such a level of accommodation, because it is an apartment of a new generation and the Your the most successful investment!


Planning «Forum Apartments»

Please move your cursor to the building and the floor that you are interested in and click the right button of a mouse in order to see layout that You need

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